Le Creuset

Until 30 November 2017, not-to-be missed promotions only for you!

Cast iron casserole, round, 28 cm, cherry red, at Fr. 219.- instead of Fr. 258.30
Cast iron shallow casserole, round, 30 cm, cherry red, at Fr. 179.- instead of Fr. 209.30
Stoneware grand teapot, 1.3 L, cherry red or flame, at Fr. 35.90 instead of Fr. 41.90
Set Champagne, crown and stopper, satin, at Fr. 39.90 instead of Fr. 51.-
Cast iron trivet, oval, white or cherry red, at Fr. 52.50 instead of Fr. 73.50
Cast iron casserole, oval, 33 cm, cherry red, flame or black, at Fr. 239.- instead of Fr. 279.30
Stoneware set, crock with 5 tools, white or cherry red, at Fr. 77.40 instead of Fr. 90.30
Salt or pepper ill with golden knob, white or cherry red, at Fr. 24.90 instead of Fr. 27.90
Stoneware set of 2 tea lighter holder, cherry red, flame, shiny black or cream, at Fr. 12.50 instead of Fr. 17.45
Stoneware tray, white or cherry red, at Fr. 22.90 instead of Fr. 27.95
Stainless steel roaster, 35 cm with silicone handles, at Fr. 159.- instead of Fr. 185.50


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