Store 239
Store: Marina Yachting
Unit: 239
Level: 2
Phone: 0041 91 630 09 20
Brand: Marina Yachting

Marina Yachting is a marine inspired brand in the middle to high-end casual wear segment.. A brand with strong personality and a tradition as authentic as its origins, Marina Yachting is faithful, now as ever, to a sober and elegant style of dressing, independent of fashions and evoking marine atmospheres that contaminate metropolitan culture. All the men's and women's collections are rounded out by outfits on four themes: Archivio, in which historic garments are revisited in a modern key for the two seasons; Macrologo, dedicated to the youngers, with garments personalized by a big spinnaker; Banchina, representing the most concentrated total look for people who like to feel the sea in town as well, and lastly Mare, an exclusively summer theme, a mix of style and innovation in which the choice and use of fabrics is always uppermost.Alongside the collections, the brand has the 1972 capsule collection, dedicated to men's wear, with highly sophisticated garments made of aged fabrics with a lived-in look and designed for select, high-end distribution.