Store 346
Store: Truzzi
Unit: 346
Level: 3
Phone: 0041 91 630 28 63

The Saitt Group attains to the ultimate status of leader in the luxury shirt business in 1997, when it purchases the historical brand Truzzi, a shirt factory established in 1890 in Milan by Luigia Truzzi. Truzzi shirts are famous all over the world, as the many celebrities who have worn them clearly shows, and have been a landmark for over a century in Milan among customers who will only settle for the best. The brand made history with the flawless collar and cut of its shirts crafted by Master Ferruccio Ballini, who for decades headed the Company's tailoring. Truzzi is now also manufactured on large scale, employing top-range manufacturing technology combined with a careful selection of only the finest fabrics. Saitt distributes this line of shirts only to the very best stores, whose clientele are men always searching for a unique and personal product.