Store 217
Store: Ki6? Who Are You?
Unit: 217
Level: 2
Phone: 0041 91 646 80 92

It took form in the earliest ideas sketched onto a delightfully tattered-looking piece of paper. The project is "A new letter in the alphabet of fashion," as the fashion designer explained, announcing the creation of the much-awaited line "Who are you?" It was signed by Manuela Lugli, creative director of Spazio Sei Fashion Group, a leading company in the luxury childerwear market, producer and distributor of this new women's line. Encapsulated in a very special logo, starting with the spring-summer 2013 collection, another intuition will become a reality. An idea sparked by the deepest passion of Manuela, a forceful woman gifted with the magic of fashion style and attracted by everything that influences the scene of the international fashion system. Originality, untethered from the mundane and from stolid obviousness: the mix, including delightful accessories, is original and is just waiting to be enjoyed. Ki6 - Who are you is now present in major fashion capitals with mono-brand stores and multi-brand stores worldwide.