La Casa Italiana

La Casa Italiana awaits you with lots of offers and ideas to furnish your home in style. See here only some of our offers:

"Mastro Raphael" towel sets, starting at Fr. 83.80
"Missoni" double duvet cover sets, starting at Fr. 301.90 (discounted by 50%)
100% Down double size "Molina" duvets, starting at Fr. 202.50 (promotional price)
Double "Via Roma, 60" bed sets, 100% satined cotton 200 threads, starting at Fr. 115.-
"Bingj" linen / cotton mats, starting at Fr. 42.-
"Bellora" double size duvet covers, 100% sateen cotton, staring at Fr. 180.10
"Bossi" single bed sets, starting at Fr. 70.10 (discounted at 30%)
"Tag House" stain-resistant tablecloths, starting at Fr. 19.40 (discounted at 30%)
"Maè" double size duvet covers (100% cotton percale - 180 threads), starting at Fr. 56.30

In our store you will find also not-to-be missed opportunities on ready made curtains and fabrics or, the meter, Via Roma 60 line fabrics for making curtains as you require.

We are waiting for you!


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