FoxTown | Storia

The story of an idea has become a success.

FoxTown Factory Stores opened its doors in Mendrisio in 1995, as the first Factory Outlet Center in Southern Europe.

FoxTown Factory Stores was born from an intuition of Silvio Tarchini in the 90s.

The idea of building the first Factory Outlet Center in Southern Europe in the Mendrisio area, Canton Ticino, is based on a careful analysis of similar international experiences level, in particular London and Atlanta, and in an in-depth knowledge of the reference market from the Ticino real estate businessman’s.

Silvio Tarchini decides to become the pioneer of the new distribution model already established in the United Kingdom and the United States and, aware of the strategic value of Mendrisio's geographical position, he uses his buildings under construction as the first Factory Outlet Center in Southern Europe.

On 4th November 1995, the first phase of the current Shopping Center was inaugurated and 28 years later FoxTown Factory Stores Mendrisio has more than 160 stores and over 250 prestigious brands, more than 1'200 jobs and 30'000 square metres of sales area. Bars, restaurants, a play area and even a Casino: Tarchini declines the outlet concept and transforms it from a synonym for savings into a unique shopping and entertainment experience.

In the Summer of 2022 the new phase opens with new stores that enriches the offer of the Center for an even more significant shopping experience.