Store 371
Store: Jeckerson
Unit: 371
Level: 3
Phone: 0041 91 646 64 24
Brand: Jeckerson

The history of Jeckerson is made of images, colors, and feelings. A heritage that the Brand intends to update and certify through a constant search for fabric and quality, modern cuts and wear, prewash innovations, refined color combinations, patterns, and graphics. The new world of Jeckerson would not be complete without the Jeckerson woman who filters fashion, attitude, and traveling in a feminine style: as a discovery and a journey. A woman that explores the endless facets of the new Jeckerson world, an ideal traveling friend both for taste and sensitivity. Who loves Jeckerson is fond of modern fashion in constant evolution the kind of fashion dedicated to a refined and emancipated style explorer. Worldwide travels and life experience become knowledge blended with constant contamination, where the Jeckerson man discovers and experiments new zest, colors, designs, patterns, and textures, always taking along his rarest luggage: a suitcase of cosmopolitan elegance. No longer trend-setters, but trend-explorers.