Store 262
Store: John Ashfield
Unit: 262
Level: 2
Phone: 0041 91 646 18 70
Brand: John Ashfield

John Ashfield comes from the demand to rediscover values by now disappeared, inspired to a natural and balanced style of life. Quality and refinement are the objectives that we established to reach through an accurate search of materials belonging for a long time to the Anglo-Saxon traditions tied up to the country. Our clothes are still craftly produced in Ireland and Scotland from where old looms have never been abandoned. The adoption of ancient techniques of workmanship and the characteristic yarns confer to the fabrics that typical roughness that is appreciated by people who privilege handmade and lasting in time things. The rustic tweeds are joined to more traditional wools, from the classical Lambs wools, Shetland, Meriños to the most precious Cashmere Wool. John Ashfield style reflects therefore a precise choice of life, in which comfort and elegance melt and express an ideal of good taste and delicacy. " Wide freedom in movements, long lasting, warm and comforting clothes " These are our gold rules for country apparel. The same that apply to John Ashfield collections from years. Classical clothes like the English style three-button jacket have been manufacturing for years with the everlasting Harris Tweed, english gentlemen's favourite since the early XVII. That unique mixture of Scottish and Irish wools has an unique compactness that changes from time to time ", says the owner of the brand Those same rich fabrics that today our customers can choose to be tailored custom suits in our shops.