Store 251
Store: Pepe Jeans
Unit: 251
Level: 2
Phone: 0041 91 630 03 27
Brand: Pepe Jeans

It was in 1973, in the heart of Portobello Market, London, that Pepe Jeans was born. In a time when fashion brands were made less by marketing science and cold cash, and more by real people discovering different, sometimes dangerous, and always breathlessly exciting fashion that the founders of Pepe jeans, Nitin Shah and his brothers Arun and Milan, unleashed their vision of detail-rich denims to an audience that had become tired by a tidal wave of bland and anonymous jeans. Fast forward almost 4 decades and Pepe Jeans today trades in 60 countries, sells through almost 7,000 doors at wholesale, has over 300 stores internationally, and employs over 2,000 employees, yet remains devoted to its initial mantra to create directional denims and challenging young fashion in an era dogged by conformism.