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Tailor's Store

I'm Giulia, owner and founder of "Giulia Manenti tailor's store". With my team we are specialized in changes and repairs of men's and women's clothes.


Our services:  


Repairs of all kinds: We repair all kinds of clothing (shirts, jackets, trousers, etc.) of all materials, old or new, as well as interior decoration items (curtains, cushions, linings, tablecloths, etc.).


Tailor-made suits: We create the suit of your dreams that will accompany you in the most important moments of your life. Following your instructions, we will bring your ideas to life and let your visions come true!


High quality: Thanks to our experience, a qualified staff and the passion for this profession, we can guarantee you quality services and our maximum commitment.


Telephone: +41 91 222 40 49
Unit: 019 Level: 0