FoxTown | The Sense Gallery

Look, listen, touch. Nothing is as it seems.

Welcome to The Sense Gallery, the first destination in Switzerland dedicated to an extraordinary multisensorial experience, realised in collaboration with the famous Finzi Pasca company. Explore a universe of light games, optical illusions and sensory stimuli that will leave you speechless.

Immerse yourself in a surprising new world, where reality comes to life through breathtaking visual and sound effects. Every corner of The Sense Gallery hides a unique and immersive experience designed to stimulate your senses and your imagination, independently of your age.

The Sense Gallery is the perfect place for an unusual adventure away from the daily routine. Be surprised by a unique mix of art and technology that will transport you to a world of wonder and sensory entertainment.

Be amazed by a new world that will entertain and surprise young and adults.

Come visit us at FoxTown Factory Stores, on level 1 of the new area.

Plan your visit: buy your ticket online or directly on site.
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